Colleen RJC Bratton: The Public Rainbow

By Debbi Kenote and Til Will

The Trick About Getting Comfortable
Colleen RJC Bratton, The Trick About Getting Comfortable, 2016, Found fabric, acrylic on panel, 24 x 10 x .5 inches

A warm rainbow of colors–red, yellow, orange, beige, white–vibrate around Til Will and I as we sit in the studio of Colleen RJC Bratton in Seattle, Washington. Sculptural paintings hang on the walls, composed of paint, wood, fabric, thread. Important details of the space inform us that Bratton’s studio is an installation in itself. In addition to the works hanging on the walls, ceiling tiles are replaced with colorful swatches, a large storage cabinet echoes the warm color palette, and little notes and swatches of colored fabric balance in curious places around the room. The backs of a few of the works are brightly painted, allowing a glow to extend onto the wall behind them, further blending the structures themselves into the studio space.  Continue reading “Colleen RJC Bratton: The Public Rainbow”

Colleen RJC Bratton: The Public Rainbow

Project Diana: Space to Think

Detail from “Wrack Lines” by Kiki MacInnis, image courtesy of the artist and Project Diana

by Caitlin Scott

full audio interview:

Project Diana is an art space curated by Julia FreemanSatpreet KahlonMolly MacNatalie ​Martínez, Dan Paz and S. Surface located at 6007 12th Avenue South in Seattle Washington.

Sitting on the wooden gallery floor with co-curators Julia Freeman and Satpreet Kahlon, Freeman explains about the first time the US tried to probe another celestial body, “They projected these radio waves, and so they went past the ionosphere and bounced off the moon, Diana, and then they came back”. Freeman is the founder of the art space Project Diana in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle. We are occasionally interrupted by the sound of planes departing Boeing field as she explains that her intention was to create a space that reflected the same unknowing and unexpected return when artists push the boundaries of their normal practice.

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Project Diana: Space to Think

Days Later, I Reflect: NYC Armory Week

By Alyssa McClenaghan

As the 2017 Armory Week art fairs in NYC come to an end, I reflect on the hundreds and hundreds of pieces of work on view. It was a lot to digest, booth after booth, gallery after gallery, work that was polished, new, old, fresh, tired, bright, flashy, sculptural, political, humorous. You name it and it was at one of the many fairs. Overall the displays were impressive. Here’s my run down of some unforgettable work.

Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 1.20.35 PM (1)
Ancient Future: A Visual Poem in Three Stanzas, Film Still, Robert Hodge (Image Courtesy of Freight + Volume)

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Days Later, I Reflect: NYC Armory Week

2017 RING-IN: 2016 Resolved!

by Til Will

The results are in; the people have spoken. Thanks to you, we’ve been injected with our dose of adrenaline to keep digging, to keep that pickaxe swinging. There’s gold out there. 

I am fascinated by the origins of ideas, especially half-finished or unfulfilled ideas. As part of our New Year’s Ring-In, we put out a call for submissions to our readers. We prompted folks to think of a photo that they took as a reference for an art idea in 2016. This could be a snapshot of an interesting texture that might look good in a painting, or a sketch, or just a snapshot of something that they thought would kickstart an idea. Maybe this is an idea that was abandoned completely.

With so many great submissions, we couldn’t narrow it down to 5 as we said we would. So here’s our top 6.

Colleen RJC Bratton. She’s a fabric artist that lives in Seattle. She recently moved from Brooklyn. 

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2017 RING-IN: 2016 Resolved!