Ara Cho: Flower Metaphors

by Debbi Kenote and Til Will

Ara Cho, “Lunch,” 2016, oil on canvas, 24×36 inches

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Last week Open House did a 2-for-one double studio visit, with two artists who live and work in the same space, and also happen to be best friends. Ara Cho and Shavana Smiley invited us into their living room studio space, where we were greeted with large oil paintings that felt wispy and bright, yet at times charged and violent. These were the works of Ara Cho, featuring gestural flowers and airy figures inside domestic spaces. Loose hands sprung out of body parts and stood like trees in forests. We caught glimpses of Shavana Smiley’s galactic works during the studio visit (stay tuned for Part II). 

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Ara Cho: Flower Metaphors