2017 RING-IN: 2016 Resolved!

by Til Will

The results are in; the people have spoken. Thanks to you, we’ve been injected with our dose of adrenaline to keep digging, to keep that pickaxe swinging. There’s gold out there. 

I am fascinated by the origins of ideas, especially half-finished or unfulfilled ideas. As part of our New Year’s Ring-In, we put out a call for submissions to our readers. We prompted folks to think of a photo that they took as a reference for an art idea in 2016. This could be a snapshot of an interesting texture that might look good in a painting, or a sketch, or just a snapshot of something that they thought would kickstart an idea. Maybe this is an idea that was abandoned completely.

With so many great submissions, we couldn’t narrow it down to 5 as we said we would. So here’s our top 6.

Colleen RJC Bratton. She’s a fabric artist that lives in Seattle. She recently moved from Brooklyn. 

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2017 RING-IN: 2016 Resolved!