Going Political: Highlights of SPRING/BREAK Art Show 2017

By Alyssa McClenaghan

                        Future Past News, Andrea Wolf & Karolina Ziulkoski. Photo Courtesy of the Artists.

It’s Armory Week in New York City. With many art fairs to see, Open House has been making the rounds. Here I focus on SPRING/BREAK Art Show 2017, taking on the task of viewing the spaces of over 150 Curators and 350 artists. Taking place in the former Condé Nast Building in Times Square, politically charged work made a big dent in the fair this year. While there was plenty of the experimental, playful atmosphere that SPRING/BREAK has come to be known for, it was clear that there has been a shift from previous years. The current political climate brought an influx of profound, contemporary work to this year’s event, themed “Black Mirror“. With so much to take in, and an incredible line up of work this year, it was hard to pick just a few to talk about. Below is a peek into three wonderful curations from this year’s event. 


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Going Political: Highlights of SPRING/BREAK Art Show 2017

Painting Needs Complexity: A Conversation With Tirtzah Bassel

By Debbi Kenote and Til Will

Tirtzah Bassel, ‘Bowling Green’, 2017, oil on canvas, 36 x 108 in. Image courtesy of Slag Gallery and the Artist

We were lucky to snag a few words with Brooklyn Based artist Tirtzah Bassel at Volta NY. She has four large works on display with Slag Gallery in booth C22, on view through Sunday. Last year, Bassel participated in the exhibition Homeland Security hosted by the For-Site Foundation

Listen to the full interview here:


TILL WILL: This is Open House, we are here at Volta New York, Pier 90. We’re here with Tirtzah Bassel and we are sitting in the booth looking at some big paintings. Do you want to tell us a little more about Tirtzah, Debbi?

DEBBI KENOTE: Yea. Tirtzah Bassel is an Israeli artist based in New York City. Her drawings, paintings and site-specific installations explore the relationships between power and space and the permeable borders between public and private domains. We are sitting here looking at the large paintings around us. There’s one to the right of us that has some pinks and blues, there’s a crowd that’s apparent, a lot of brush strokes, kind of pastely with some cobalt mixed in, and there’s some other works around us. Do you want to follow up on that [Til]?

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Painting Needs Complexity: A Conversation With Tirtzah Bassel

SPRING/BREAK with Valery Jung Estabrook

by Til Will and Debbi Kenote

1_valeryjungestabrook_hometownherochink_2Hometown Hero (Chink), Installation view, 2016.

In anticipation of SPRING/BREAK, we got in depth with Valery Jung Estabrook about her show, Hometown Hero (Chink)/ Thinly Worn. The show is currently on display on the 22nd floor at 4 Times Square, opening tonight from 5-9 pm, and on view through March 6.

Listen to the full interview:


TIL WILL: This is Open House with Debbi Kenote and Til Will. We are here with Valery Jung Estabrook and we are really excited because we are going to be showing her work at SPRING/BREAK Art Show in Times Square. So we are going to ask her a few questions about her work, just to get a better idea of what we are dealing with, and so let’s get it started. Continue reading “SPRING/BREAK with Valery Jung Estabrook”

SPRING/BREAK with Valery Jung Estabrook